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It has been a long time since I 've looked for a q/answer script "yahoo like"... but in vain. No script found all over the web...
Fortunately I found this script... what an amazing script !
Anova is not a simple q/awswer script... it is more !
Completly SEO / easy to install / ajax voting / audio and video questions and answers (it's so nice) / multi-language / Possibility to integrate it on your website, with your own design / high quality support (I never seen such a good support) / full features that you can configure on the admin pannel...
I give it 10/10 ! Good job men, take care
Julien, from France :)

Posted By : Julien    Posted On : 30th April 2008    Project Name : Clic !

Just wanted to take time out to thank you guys once again for this awesome web app. We have been using your video sharing software for just over 18 months now and it's been a massive success for us and our business in general. Now with ANOVA we look forward to more success in our industry. Our competitions are wondering what has hit them!

Keep up the good work and thanks for the speedy support you always give us...



Posted By : IBC    Posted On : 6th May 2008    Project Name : Your Tech Advice

I was looking for a while a good script of Q/A, when I found hte Agriya site. Of course, the script was even better than I expected but I was afraid of not being able to use it because of my little webhost. So I asked them whether it would fonction, and their answer was crystalclear : Anova fonctions on my host but the help desk really took their time to help me in order to have it work: it now works perfectly and they even offer a 1.2 version now with SEO adresses! I would like to thank Arivind who is by my side to assist me in this adventure.

Posted By : Jean-Marc    Posted On : 9th May 2008    Project Name : -

Anova has completely surpassed our expectations. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with. Keep up the excellent work. If everyone could be as customer focused as you, life would be so much easier. The more I use the script, the more it impresses me. Anova was the best investment I ever made. I love your script.

Posted By : Kevin    Posted On : 14th May 2008    Project Name : Confidential

I want to thank Agriya for the great help and agressive support. The features of the software are amazing and unique when comparing to other products online.

Keep up the good work!


Posted By : L. Morariu    Posted On : 5th June 2008    Project Name : Raspuns